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My name is Brian Michael Kindall. I am a veteran of the US Army and I live in the Western Slope of Colorado.


On February 28th, 2012, at the age of 42, I went from a life of predominant atheism to a life of faith in God and of following His Son, Jesus.

I grew up in a very small steel town near Pittsburgh where I was an altar boy and attended a small Catholic church and the adjoining Catholic grade school. I learned nothing of the Bible in either place and after a life of doubt, I couldn’t wait to get away.

30 years later, I stood in line at an altar call to speak with a pastor, where I was prayed for and invited back. Then another pastor laid out the steps of initiation for me and also invited me back.

The steps were essentially the things I needed to pray to begin attending; “Jesus, I’m sorry for the things I’ve done, thank You for the things You’ve done, and You are welcome in my heart.”  After that, I was allowed to sit next to folks that had been in attendance, religiously, for 30 years or longer.

Left to my own devices, I could have gone forward with a new addition to my resumé that said, I now believe in God, and I may or may not have felt compelled to attend church. Fortunately, something caught fire in me and I dove into every sermon, book, meeting, group, and willing pastor that I could get my hands on.

Thanks in no small part to the pastors that taught me, it wasn’t long before I sat down and read the Bible for myself. When I was done, I read it again, then again. I felt I had been denying some very important and obvious truths all my life and in a desperate attempt to redeem lost time, I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Bible Study from Colorado Christian University at the age of 46.

Since then, I’ve felt compelled to write and share the things I have learned; some surprisingly good, some surprisingly bad.

I was away from the faith for too long and for the wrong reasons. I know that other adults come to this realization every day, and it is with them I wish to speak.

You will quickly notice that I am not your stereotypical Christian. I am divorced. I taught my adult daughter (a little too convincingly) to be an atheist. I had a few spells of unemployment, under-employment, and questionable employment through the years. And, I refuse to put a chrome fish on my car!

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